PB Message to the Church 7/8/16

After recent events in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota Presiding Bishop Michael Bruce Curry calls the Episcopal Church to prayer.

Donna & Jim Gooch
almost 5 years agoJuly 8, 2016
Thank you, Bishop Curry for your comforting words and prayer.  Our prayer is for 
God to strengthen and bless us with energy to go into the world in peace, uniting 
us to all our brothers and sisters.  We pray constantly for your good health and 
blessings for your fortitude in helping to make our world a better place for all.
almost 5 years agoJuly 8, 2016
Thanks for the message... Well said... My message, I might add is that we all need to think about how to deal with this increasing chaos. The message... is simple... relax,, do not make assumptions, do not have hubris, and base your opinions on one’s gut feelings of right and wrong...that are repeated many times in the Bible. The watch word... is this... listen to your inner morals... beware of others who claim to have all the answers, and analyze if they are pushing an agenda or their discourse makes sense .... The never ending struggle of mankind is between Idealism and realism... The Greeks first wrote about this, but it existed since the beginning. Or more simple said... cut some slack...be humble, and  we are all imperfect, and perfection is impossible... it all begins with one person... Not making assumptions... and not building on these assumptions, until reality is so distorted that that we no longer recognize that it does not  reflect reality.  This is the struggle we face every minute of our life… 
Remember we are weak… but first ask your self… Am I letting my emotions rule my life?   All it takes is a short pause, one has to put the break on before  acting. In psychology there is this bell curve, where the emotions escalate to a peak and at the peak one is totally irrational… The goal is to blunt this rise, so that the curve resolves itself with more understanding and acceptance. At the VA and I am sure at many other areas… we are mandated every year to under go “how to handle hostile situations”… It aint easy. We do role playing..  Communication is a Black Box… Communication does not take place until the communicator communicate what he intended, and the receiver understand that and through simple dialogue, the tensions are resolved. The receiver may think the communicator said something that is misinterpreted, so simply ask… calmly… “Do you mean this? it is common for the answer to be > “OH, not that way…” and through dialogue we come to a general agreement, both parties cut some slack
This happened when,  We declared war and demanded unconditional l surrender…they interpreted as Giving up the Emperor… When we understood… sadly too late, we already dropped the atomic bombs; of course not , that was not the condition and we had peace.
almost 5 years agoJuly 8, 2016
Thank you Bishop Curry
Geoffrey C. Schuller
almost 5 years agoJuly 9, 2016
Dear Bishop Curry;
        Thank you for your words  of much wisdom and faith. It means a lot when you take time out of your day to share your thoughts. May God Richly Bless you and your Family. I will pray daily for those people that were hurt.
Your friend in Christ
Geoffrey C. Schuller
Carol Greis
almost 5 years agoJuly 10, 2016
Thank you Bishop Curry,
I Wil pray for peace, compassion,  understanding, listening and love for all.
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