Re-Membering and Re-Imagining

A new report from the House of Bishops. Read the report here:

Leslie Smith
almost 5 years agoMay 14, 2016
Glad my husband and I walked across the street to  one October day to see what the Episcopal Church was all about.
Lance Woodruff
almost 5 years agoMay 14, 2016
Am I intended to be a bystander in a message for /to someone else? Why would an otherwise fine message/delivery/technical construction be presented without a simply glance at the viewer? Are we meant to be voyeurs? Bystanders? Non-participants? Is this the message?  Were I to spend several minutes in person with the Rev. Canon Michael Buerkel Hunn would he actually, in real life, not look at me once? I find this quite irritating and makes me wonder what indeed the bishops are up to, or not up to, as it were.
almost 5 years agoMay 15, 2016

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